• The Real Dreams turns dreams into reality. We create value through the organization of touristic entertainment activities and through the provision of support services to companies. Established in 2013, Real Dreams’s mission is to provide unique and unforgettable experiences that enhance positive word of mouth. We fulfill that commitment by designing and offering solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Our team has talented and qualified professionals. We work with reliable and trusted partners who contribute to the dream of ensuring delivery of superior quality services. This allows us to focus on the client, innovation and constant improvement. We are permanently seeking new opportunities. If you want to dream, come dream with us!


With eight centuries of history, 3,000 hours of sun light per year, 850 kms of Atlantic coastline, Portugal has a set of unique and highly valued attributes.

This European country of mild climate is the perfect destination in all seasons. The great diversity of landscapes within walking distance, offers remarkable experiences in leisure activities with strong historical links to its heritage, tradition and culture.

If tourism is the “industry of smiles”, Portugal is the country of all dreams. Come fulfill yours.


  • From the city marketing perspective one of the distinctive factors in the Lisbon region is its relationship with the Tagus and the Atlantic Ocean. This relationship allows us to offer the promise of providing the tourists a unique experience of sailing on the Tagus and enjoy Lisbon as well as value propositions addressed to groups and companies seeking fulfillment of different events. We invite you to experience a unique perspective of Lisbon, to sail on the Tagus River, to discover and explore the attractions of the City of Seven Hills. Dare to live an unforgettable experience in a space and unparalleled environment.
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  • In Lisbon Sight Sailing it never feels like a day’s work because we have so much fun doing what we do. In a collaborative and relaxed environment. With passion and genuine involvement. With responsibility and professionalism. Quality of service-oriented. In a simple and innovative way. Focused on creating value for our customers and partners. Always thinking of you. You can choose and easily book any of our tour suggestions. And if you are seeking for something different we will be happy to prepare an experience tailored to suit your personal needs. Whatever option you choose, fun, leisure and glamour are always included.


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