Real Dreams News

  • 17th International Congress on Plasma Physics

    Real Dreams participated in the organization of the 17th International Congress on Plasma Physics held in Lisbon between 15 and 19 September 2014. Within the social activities of the event, attended by over 200 participants from different nationalities, cultural tours were conducted – in the city and in the Tagus river – as well as […]

  • Strategic Plan 2020-2024

    The Real Dreams participated, as a stakeholder, in the meeting on the Strategic Tourism Plan for Lisbon, invited by Associação de Turismo de Lisboa – Visitors and Convention Bureau. This was another opportunity to present a set of contributions that aim to help positioning Lisbon on the path to a new level for Tourism Excellence. […]

  • Member of Turismo de Lisboa

    The Real Dreams was admitted as an Allied member of Turismo de Lisboa, in the category of Tours and Circuits.

  • New partnerships, more resources available

    The Real Dreams offers new nautical resources. The fleet has increasingly better solutions and, this month, two owners of sailboats have established partnership with Real Dreams. These are dream resources: boats options (monohulls, catamarans and yachts) with different settings and capacities from 6 to 200 passengers.

  • Lisbon Sight Sailing, the new brand

    Lisbon Sight Sailing is the new brand of Real Dreams. One of the distinctive features of the Lisbon region is its relationship with the Tagus river and the Atlantic Ocean. This provides the opportunity to explore and the promise to ensure a unique experience of sailing on the Tagus and enjoy Lisbon. Positioned as a […]

  • Wanted: Dream Team

    We are looking for talented people to be part of this dream. More information here:

  • Register by Tourism of Portugal

    The Real Dreams was recorded as Tourist Animation agent with the number 207/2013, from the Turismo de Portugal, in compliance with Article 3 of Decree Law 108 / 2009. This legal framework allows the Real Dreams access to the touristic animation activities.