Lisbon Sight Sailing, the new brand

Lisbon Sight Sailing is the new brand of Real Dreams.

One of the distinctive features of the Lisbon region is its relationship with the Tagus river and the Atlantic Ocean. This provides the opportunity to explore and the promise to ensure a unique experience of sailing on the Tagus and enjoy Lisbon.

Positioned as a specialist of nautical services in the Tagus (through cultural, leisure, romantic experiences and hosting events in different environments), this brand aims to establish relationships with the following market segments: tourists, organized groups and corporate.

The main value proposition of Lisbon Sight Sailing is to provide each customer a unique experience of sailing and discover Lisbon in a different perspective.

Authenticity, teamwork, commitment and quality are some of the values of the Lisbon Sight Sailing, focusing its existence in the most important: people.

The brand is registered in the National Institute of Industrial Property since 03.12.2013.

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